Unaverage Gang

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Unaverage Gang - Unchained
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Unaverage Gang - Unchained
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Unchained—the only way to play this game
Is releasin all the evil and reveal what you claim
Lookin thru your eyes—seein that your soul been stained
Got the same look—think i’m lookin right back at Cobain
5 lines and you bitchin, but my trigga finga been itchin
At you bitches that’a been sippin on that lean and thinkin you drippin
Im for the youth, and for the truth
There’s 2 of us, only 1 of you
The only thing thats drippin is that stank from your own pussy juice
Flatline in due time, and make wrongs into rights
I will fight, and live life, till I die
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