Forgot About Dre (Eminem & Dr. Dre Remix)

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Dax - Forgot About Dre (Eminem & Dr. Dre Remix)
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Dax - Forgot About Dre (Eminem & Dr. Dre Remix)
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How you acting like you’ve never even heard of me
When every beat I touch I’m doing surgery
I could rap for eternity
Niggas gotta refer to me
Built it up independent
Was never part of a nursery
And every time I ever met some adversity
I was never one to run and i currently
Had it occurred to me
That every single bit of and detеrrence
Is the rеason that I’m able to Murder Beats
I’m not even in the category with the niggas you place me with
My BEAT CUTS a give ya FACE-a-LIFT
I see niggas CLICKING UP to ERASE the kid
Just so they can try to go and COPY PASTE the shit
I remember days back in the basement
They tried to BOX ME in I got the SHAPE-to-SHIFT
Now I RACE every TRACK every BASE I HIT
I remember in those days rapping while eating raman and OJ
Couldn’t even afford me a gold chain
I was in no way
Ready to go play
Then i found Dax and i made it my code name
Now everybody speaking on me they wanna throw shade
I don’t got time chit chatting with no names
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