Joyner Lucas & Ashanti
Fall Slowly

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Joyner Lucas & Ashanti - Fall Slowly
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Joyner Lucas & Ashanti - Fall Slowly
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I love you more than I love myself
If I weren't with you I can't picture me with someone else
And every time we separate it's like we under spells
'Cause when we hurt each other we come back to help each other heal
You say I'm crazy, but at least you know my love is real
But shit, you crazy too, and that's why they say love is hell
And it's forever, so I hope you never up and bail
And if you ever left me for someone, you gon' get someone killed
You know the vibes we on, be like some movie shit (Word)
And we don't always get along, but when we do we lit (Lit)
I never understood love or what it truly is, until I met you
Now we just inseparable until we trip (Yeah)
And every time you try to leave I'm chasin' after you (Chasin' after you)
And every time I go, I keep on comin' back to you (Comin' back)
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