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Joyner Lucas - Snitch
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Joyner Lucas - Snitch
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This your motherfuckin' conscience, nigga, don't even do it
Don't start actin' like a bitch 'cause you forgot where you goin'
You made choices that done put you here, and now you just ruined
And I don't care about why you did it or who got you influenced
Nah, don't listen to that nigga, that ain't good advice
If you cooperate, then it's your chance to save your life
Just tell 'em what thеy wanna know and you won't pay the price
Some would call it snitchin', but for mе, I call it make it right
Man, fuck that "make it right" shit, you gotta sit through your bid
You should've thought about this shit before you did what you did
Give a fuck about your family or your bitch or your kids
You either gon' respect the code or your gon' get what you give
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